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jacque-reineri-5x7-smile-gold-brownWhen selecting an editor, it’s important to not only find 
someone to work for you, but with you. I treat every manuscript that comes my way with the respect, dedication, and sensitivity that I want from those reading my work. I strive to help make stories their strongest selves while still keeping the author’s voice and vision at the forefront.  In the end, my customers are presenting me with a piece of themselves, and honoring their authenticity is of the utmost importance.

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My Specialty:  I specialize in content editing and character development. I love helping new, upcoming authors into the crazy, mixed-up world that is the publishing industry and will do whatever I can to make those who work with me shine as brightly as they can.

What I Edit: I edit fiction and will make a few RARE exceptions for memoirs. I will edit any genre except erotica and horror, but I am primarily familiar with fantasy and contemporary along with their sub-genres.


Claerie Kavanaugh has been a valuable beta reader for my Haunting Fairytales Series. Punctual with deadlines and insightful, she is a valuable person to have as part of my lead up to finishing my projects. Her comments and eye for detail have helped shaped my books into something I am proud of. ~ Bestselling and Award-winning author R. l. Weeks.

R. I. Weeks

I would highly recommend Claerie Kavanaugh for beta-reading! I had been looking for feedback/critique on a recent manuscript, The Last Inkweaver and Claerie volunteered. She gave clear, reader-proof commentary, noting plot holes as well as letting me know the characters she liked or didn’t. She gave small comments and made periodic predictions, so I knew if my plot would hold up under scrutiny. Best of all, Claerie stays in contact with the author. There was less pressure for this manuscript since I didn’t have a publishing deadline, but from the way she approached the task, Claerie would function well with deadlines. If she had a schedule conflict, she let me know, and when she returned to the project, she also kept me informed. She was consistent, professional, and I am very pleased with her excellent work! -Leslie Conzatti, author of Princess of the Undersea: A Timeless Tale

Leslie Conzatti